How to Make Looking for Work Your Full Time Job

The best time to look for work is when you already have a job. Although there can be a time constraint when you have to work while searching for a job, you have the financial security that you would not have otherwise. However, if you do find yourself out of work and looking, you need to make your job search your full time job.

Statistics state the average full time job searcher spends less than 6 hours a week on job search activities. No wonder it takes many job seekers a long time to locate a job. Maybe it is because they do not know what to do. If your only strategy is the online job boards, then an hour or two a day is probably all you can handle.

The state of California surveyed the unemployed and found that job seekers spent less than 12 hours a week searching for jobs. This was from a group that was receiving unemployment benefits from the state! The point I am trying to make is if you are out of work, you need to make job searching your full time job. Here is how to do it.

How to Make Looking for Work Your Full Time Job

1. Set up a home base. Start by organizing and setting up a space in your home that will serve as your home office. At the minimum you need to have a computer, a phone, and a quiet place to work. If you have a spare room in your home, then make it your job searching headquarters. If not, just find a spot to work where you can have some peace and quiet during your day.

How to make looking for work your full time job

2. Have a clear start time in the morning. There is a part of us that likes the new found freedom we have. We have no boss telling us where we need to be and at what time. However, this can be dangerous if we need to find work because we can begin to waste our mornings with trivial things. Have a clear start time.

3. Get dressed and ready to work. There is something about establishing the right routines. One of those routines should be to get dressed as if you were going to work. You will feel better about yourself and perform in a more professional way. You will also be ready to walk out the door should an opportunity to meet someone arise. You want to always be ready to capitalize on momentum. Momentum in a job search is your friend.

4. Work “Focus Sessions” and then take breaks. Spend 50 minutes on your job search and then take a 10 minute break. This allows you to clear your mind, think, and refresh. Take your dog for a walk. Take the kids on a bike ride around the neighborhood. Connect with those you love. Then get back to work.

5. Try to complete 4-6 focus sessions a day. Good things happen when you are active. If you have no face to face meetings set for the day, then try to work 4-6 focus sessions a day on your job search. Build a database of 100 companies. Build a list of at least 100 leads. Try to develop at least 30 strong networking relationships from those 100 leads. These are people who know you and will call you about a job opening.

Doing the above will lead you to finding a job faster than the others. It is just a proven fact. Don’t worry about rejection or disappointment. Just accept it as part of the process. Make job searching your new job!


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