GP4 – How to Set 90 Day Goals and Crush It!

30 day get productive challengeIf you are following along in our Get Productive Series, so far you will have:

Day 1: Decluttered your creative work space
Day 2: Decided on 6 or less “Areas of Focus”

Day 3: Created a Simple Life Plan

Remember, this week is all about getting organized. Not only have we organized our physical work space, but we are organizing our thoughts as well. Some incredible momentum begins to happen when you put all of your energy into a narrowed area of focus.

How to Set 90 Day Goals and Crush It!


If you cannot see the video above, watch How to Set 90 Day Goals directly on YouTube.

Most people set yearly goals and then try to work toward accomplishing them. I have even worked that way in the past. Yearly goals are not bad, but in my opinion, you must break them down in order to get motivated to do them.

In the 18 minutes  book, the author suggest selecting 6 areas of focus (or less) and then set annual goals. I implemented it a little bit differently. Here is what I did:

  • Used the whiteboard above my desk
  • Made 6 squares on the whiteboard with a marker
  • Labeled my 5 Areas of Focus (and “other” category for misc. items)
  • Wrote down 90 day goals (Jan-March) in each of the focus areas

The reason I use a whiteboard is because it stares at me throughout the day. I cannot avoid it. it hovers over me like a boss. When I sit back in my chair to take a breather, I see it. When I find myself off track, it is there to remind me where my focus should be.

Here is a picture of what my board looks like:

How to set 90 day goals

As this series moves along, I will share with you how I translate my 90 day goals to actually taking daily action. Remember, we are just organizing our thoughts and goals at this point. Once we do this, I will share a simple productivity system to get all of this done!

Get It Done Now Task – Write Down 90 Day Goals in Each Area of Focus

Download the 90 Day Goals PDF by clicking here, and then quickly record any short term goals that you want to get done in the next 90 days. These should be challenging but reachable.

While you can set your 90 day deadlines for any time frame, this is the schedule that I like to keep.

  • January – March (April 1st deadline)
  • April – June (July 1st deadline)
  • July – September (October 1st deadline)
  • October – December (January 1st deadline)

My deadline is my goal to complete as many of my 90 day goals as possible. The above schedule works for me. If you are somewhere in the middle, just complete as much as you can between the time you are reading this and the next deadline above. Then, after that you will be on the schedule above.

Once you have written your goals down on the task sheet, either pin the paper to the wall or re-write the goals on a small whiteboard. The one that you see below is similar to the one that I use. Although, I have 3 total whiteboards in my office. Complete your task and get excited about where we are headed in the days ahead!


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