Impress Others in 3 Easy Steps and Land the Job of your Dreams

It’s an oft-repeated term that “first impressions last.” Really. We’ve been told many times over that we need to look respectable, at least decent, in front of others. For the nth time, moms would tell their kids to comb their hair or wipe the milk off their face, teachers and coaches would remind their class to look their best and give their best because they might not have second chances.

In today cut-throat job market, it’s a matter of making your first impressions that will give you an ultimate guarantee of landing a job that lasts. So, how to you prepare to impress others? Here are three essential things that you should know to gear you up and get ready for that big day.

Step #1: Be Prepared

How to land your dream jobCongratulations! You’ve got your first interview. But what does it seem like you’re facing execution? This is supposed to be good news, so don’t worry. It’s natural. Interviews are very important. They’re actually the bridge that’ll lead you to your pot of gold. However, you may really feel nervous ONLY if it’s for the right reason.

You may not know what to say, don’t know what to expect, or you may be afraid of making a fool of yourself. You must be anxious to give the best that you have offered. But how do you turn this seemingly reversal of fortune into your one, best asset in landing a job?

PREPARE. Be ready. Condition your mind this is up for good. If you think will make it, then you will! Preparing for an interview really isn’t hard, although it’s a matter of time and effort.

In his book Ultimate Interview Book: Make a Great Impression and Get that Job, Lynn Williams underscores the two big things that interviewees need to know to leave a lasting impression: know what your would -be employers want and show them what you’ve got. “Sort those out, match them up and put them across convincingly and you can’t go wrong,” she writes.

Step #2: Impress Them With Your Personality

Why do interviewers want to see you face to face? Because they know you’ve got the potential to become a part of their team. They know you have the skills, the qualifications and experience and you’ve impressed them so much already that they’re convinced of seeing you for an interview. Now, they want to know what your personality is and see your enthusiasm for work.

These are things that you can’t include in your resume. So what do you need to do? No… What do you need to be?

  • Be Open and Responsive– According to Williams, employers are looking for people who are approachable and are willing share something about their professional experiences.
  • Avoid one-word, yes-or-no answers. Give a complete reply, enclosed with a little humor to highlight key points.
  • Show you’re interested to become a part of the team—Employers are looking for people who are most likely to dedicate 100 percent of their effort. How do you show them your enthusiasm? “Listen, smile, nod when they tell you things,” writes Williams.
  • Be Confident—Don’t be too pushy or arrogant, though. Your quiet confident on your skills and on yourself is enough earn their trust and guarantee a nod of approval on your application.
  • Energy—Maintain proper posture, be—or at least try to look—lively, speak well and clearly and establish eye contact.

Step #3: Look Good, Feel Good

Not judging the book by its cover doesn’t necessarily apply to the job market. How you look and present yourself will leave a lasting remark on the interviewer—and in his mind, how you dress up has something to do with your personality. It’s great to imbue an excellent personality.

Intelligence, experience, and confidence—all of these are summed up on the way you dress
up and present yourself. Dress like you belong. Look smarter and more sophisticated than the already-employed. Today’s working environment puts heavy emphasis on teamwork. So how
do you make an edge?

Dress as if you’re part of the team. So, whether you’re wearing a three- pieced suit or chinos, what matters is that you project yourself as a well-respected professional, not just in manners, but also in looks.

Now that you know what to do to impress your would-be employees, get up and be ready
because your dream job is yours to take.

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