Day 28 – The Follow Up Activity That You Must Do 5 Minutes after the Job Interview

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We are on Day 28 of the 30 Day Job Search Challenge. Today I want to give you a job interview follow up activity that most people will never do. It is important that you do not skip this step that I am about to give you because it will significantly improve your chance of landing an offer in the days ahead.

As an Executive Recruiter, I talk with my candidates 5 minutes after the interview to get there thoughts, impressions, questions, and insights. Most of the candidates I speak with right after the interview are on brain overload.

They are trying to digest all of what just happened and they are trying to remember the questions that were asked and their own responses to those questions. It really is a lot to take in especially if you met numerous people in the interview process. So, here is what you must do:

Day 28 – Write Down a Summary of the Interview

You need to take a few minutes while everything is still fresh in your mind and “brain dump” everything out on a piece of paper. That way you will not forget important information like names, titles, important “hot buttons,” and critical information.

Here is a list of questions that you can use to get started. You might even want to print out a list of questions that you can answer after the interview.

Date ______________________
Company __________________

Names & Titles of People I Met Today


How long was the interview?

What is my summary of the opportunity?

What are the most important aspects of my background that would be important for this role?

How could I have sold myself better?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how interested am I in this opportunity?

If not a 10, what would make it a 10?

What are my strengths as a candidate for this position?

What are my weaknesses as a candidate for this position?

What do I need to do to take the next step?

How could I better my chances?

What questions should I ask if I get called back for another interview?

There are many more questions that you could ask yourself, but this will get you started. Don’t pass over this important job interview activity. Sometimes all we see is the offer and that is our only focus, but I want to advert your attention back to the process. If the process breaks down, there will be no offer. So, make your list of questions and get started! Lastly, do not forget to send interview follow up emails to your prospective employer.

DO IT NOW Task – Download the Interview Summary PDF

I have conveinently taken all of the questions above and placed them in a PDF document that you can print out. Take this document and fill it out immediately after you have a job interview. It will help you to remember what happened as well as any other important information while it is still fresh in your head.

Download Here: Job Interview Summary PDF

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    7 thoughts on “Day 28 – The Follow Up Activity That You Must Do 5 Minutes after the Job Interview

    1. Great advice. This is another reminder for those who miss out the opportunity for saving potential disaster after job interview. A great to keep yourself motivated during the non-response period that get you hanging in between conversation.

    2. These are very good questions on self analysis post interview. Very much the basics and quite straight forward.
      Keep the questions flowing !

    3. Good tip! That is a great reminder for everyone out there job searching and attending multiple job interviews. A great way to keep everything straight…and to remember questions you meant to ask and would have otherwise forgotten!

      • Hi Jessica, thanks for the comments. I was born and raised in Indiana! Still bleed a Hoosier but live in Florida now. Thanks for visiting the blog.

    4. I completely agree with the summary, also allowing someone to evaluate you before the interview may help tremendously. Be honest to yourself and to the person who will be playing the interviewer. Criticism about the interview from a friend or family member enables you to fix yourself in any area in which you may have been weak. This is a great tool for your success.

      • Yes, that is an important point. thanks for bringing that up. Most people either see that exercise as not important or they just don’t want to be that vulnerable. However, you have one little thing that you are doing that you can stop if you just allow yourself some open feedback. great point!