Life is a Business – Book Review

A few months ago, I was introduced to a new book from Charles E. Cox, Jr. He is a successful entrepreneur who has experienced the highs and the lows of life. He shares all of his life lessons in a book entitled: Life is a Business! Manage It Better So You’ll Enjoy it More.

The basic premise of the book is that we often treat our business better than we do our personal life. What would happen if we started managing our personal life like a business? Would our finances improve? Could we elevate the quality of our relationships? Maybe we can finally get serious about our health?

The book is divided into 9 Key Principles to a Prosperous Life:

  • Life is a business book reviewKey Principle #1: Vision/Mission
  • Key Principle #2: Sustainable Growth & Education
  • Key Principle #3: Financial Literacy & Stability
  • Key Principle #4: Health & Wellness
  • Key Principle #5: Stress, Pressure & Change
  • Key Principle #6: Stewardship
  • Key Principle #7: Vacations
  • Key Principle #8: Marriage
  • Key Principle #9: Personal Image (Reputation)

Overall, the book was a very systematic, logical read. I enjoyed the quotes along the way that the author collected from some of the great minds of our time. I also enjoyed how he highlighted a corporation for each of the principles above. It really helped to see the parallels of a corporation to your personal life.

Some Areas of the Book I Enjoyed

  • How to develop a personal strategic plan for your Fortune 500 Life – I enjoyed the thought provoking questions that lead you to develop your own strategic plan.
  • I loved the chapter on the importance of vacations and rest and how they make you more productive.
  • I loved his parallel of how a marriage is more like a merger than an acquisition. Great analogy!

If you are looking to improve your life and develop a better life plan, then take a closer look at Life is a Business!

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