My 4 Favorite Motivational Songs

There is no doubt that songs can motivate us. There is nothing like being on a jog and hearing a song that gets you to dig deep and push harder. Songs have a way of stirring up emotions deep inside of us. Today, I want to share with you 4 of my favorite motivational songs. I will admit up front that my motivational songs very well may differ from yours. I have a sports background and so much of the music that inspires me comes from a sports related song.

1. Anything Rocky – You can pick any of the songs from the Rocky movie series and it will get me motivated. All I have to think about is one hand push ups and running in the snow. I used to listen to these songs back in college when I would run three miles a day. These songs would always get a little extra effort out of me. Any Rocky music is great workout motivation. In addition, the words have great motivational phrases as well.

2. The “Hoosiers” Soundtrack – Most of the music from the move “Hoosiers” is by far my favorite motivational songs. In my opinion, it will always be the best “underdog” sports story of all time. To think of a small town in Indiana that had such a love for basketball that it took them to new heights is very inspirational.

3. Kernkraft 400 – Zombie Nation – If you are a college basketball fan then you have heard this song. Just something about it that causes you to want to jump up and down during the entire song. Most often you hear this song being played during timeouts of basketball games. It is a classic in motivational music.

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4. Sirius – The Alan Parsons Project – Should I dare leave out this gem? Made popular as the Player Introduction Song by the Chicago Bulls in the mid-90’s, this song is still played in basketball gyms all over the USA. It is one of the best motivational songs ever written. It is hard not to think of the infamous Michael Jordan when you hear this song. The Chicago Bulls are also attributed with making pre-game player introductions so popular. If you recall, they would shut off all of the lights and start playing this song. Then a spotlight was used to shine on the certain player that was being announced. Lots of great memories watching these games.

So, how about you? What motivational songs inspire you? Music can be very effective in getting us to take action toward our goals. I would love to hear any comments about your favorite songs of all time.


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