My Favorite Resume Writing Tips

Before you’re invited for an interview, your prospective employer needs to know that you have the potential to do the job. Your resume is the tool that accomplishes this task. Whatever you do, do not overlook the importance of having a well thought out resume.

While there are more resume writing tips online than how to gain world peace, I wanted to narrow the tips below to 4 of the most important ones. Follow this advice and you should see an increase the amount of job interviews that you receive.

4 Effective Resume Writing Tips

Determine Your Appropriate Resume Format

There are three standard resume formats: chronological, functional, and combination.

Chronological – This is the format that is used most often. It lists your work history backwards, from your current job, listing the company name, position title, employment dates, location, and your responsibilities and deliverables. Use the chronological format if your work history is stable, and if your professional growth is consistent within a profession.

Functional – This format focuses on the skills and responsibilities you bring to a specific job. What is does not do, however, is emphasize where, when, and how you gained those skills. It’s useful when you’re either entering a new career or coming back to the workforce after an absence. This format is written by including the most relevant experience for the job you’re seeking first, and placing less emphasis on jobs, employment dates, and job titles by putting them at the end.

Combination – A mix of the chronological and functional resume can be used if you have steady work history and proven growth, and if you’ll be continuing your progression in an industry or profession. It begins with a short performance profile, then includes job-specific skills related to your objective, and transitions into a chronological format that shows when, where and how the skills were developed.

Use A Common Job Title

Resume Writing TipsVarious employers can use different job titles for the same position. Since you want to get an interview, use a title that’s specific enough to place you into the candidacy, yet broad enough to attract curiosity. A good way to be intentionally vague is to use the term Specialist (i.e. Payroll Specialist, Administrative Specialist, Communications Specialist).

What’s in it For Them?

If you include a specific job objective, phrase it in terms of what you can contribute in that position. At this time, employers don’t care about your expectations – they’re concerned about their own needs. Here’s an example of an effective objective: A position in Financial Services in which my sales, recruiting, and management skills can be used to streamline operations and increase company profits. You might also consider placing a “summary of qualifications” at the top of the resume as well. Again, just be sure that you are focused on the employers’ needs and not just yours. This is one of the most important resume writing tips offered on this page!

Don’t Include Your Salary Information

Another one of my favorite resume writing tips has to do with what not to include on your resume. You may not be earning enough. Or you may be earning too much. Either way, if you include salary information, you could eliminate yourself from the candidacy before you even get an interview. This is not the time to discuss salary. The appropriate time is when the employer offers you the position.

There you have it! 4 resume writing tips that can make a big difference on your resume. If you are stuck and need help with how to best present yourself on paper, Jonathan is available on a limited basis to work with you personally. Check his availability here.
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