[New Kindle Book] A Proven Formula to Discover the Work You Love

Why were we not given a career manual in college? A proven formula that could direct our paths. When I was entering college, choosing a career was similar to walking through the buffet line. What looks good? Maybe I should try this or that.

Choosing work that you love should have a deeper connection than this. Find your purpose. Uncover your natural strengths. Unleash your passions. Know your ideal work environment. When you put those 4 pieces together you can create incredible momentum in your career.

I recently published the first book in a series of career books. It is available now on Amazon.com. In total there will be 4 books that form the Career Manual Series. I have been working with job seekers for nearly 10 years and I can tell you the job search can be boiled down to 4 phases.

  1. Know Yourself – It is essential that you understand your purpose, strengths, passions and ideal working environment. This is what the first book in the series is all about.
  2. Brand Yourself – It is more important than ever that your resume shines above the rest. It is also essential that you brand yourself online using Linkedin, Twitter, etc.
  3. Market Yourself – Nothing really happens until you get face to face with people and begin having conversations. Knowing how to market yourself and network is essential.
  4. Sell Yourself – You can do all of the other 3 well, but you must prove to a hiring manager that they should hire you. Acing the interview and landing the job become essential.

Career Manual: Know Yourself – A Proven Formula to Discover the Work You Love

Career Manual Know Yourself

This is book #1 in the Career Manual Series and is available for immediate download on Amazon.com. The book is designed as a workbook that takes you through a series of exercises and questions. The goal of the book is to help you walk away with 4 things:

  • Find your purpose – I take you through the same exercise I went through over 3 years ago. This one exercise confirmed my purpose and sent me down a path discovering work that I love. No dreaded Mondays. No working for the weekends.
  • Uncover your natural strengths. You have unique strengths. When you engage in them in a more purposeful way, good things happen. How would your work look if you engaged in your strengths the majority of the day?
  • Unleash your passions – we all have certain things that excite us. You have interests & passions that motivate you. Why not tap into it in order to produce amazing results?
  • Know your ideal work environment. Your personality comes into play big time in discovering your ideal work. Instead of fighting against it, lean into how God created you.

If you desire to find your purpose, uncover your strengths, unleash your passion, and know your ideal work environment, then I strongly urge you to take a journey with me. You can read more on the product description page and even download a sample, by clicking here.

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