My Review of Wrike: Online Task Manager

Name: Wrike – Online Task Manager and Project Management

Creator: Wrike Corporation


Purpose: Wrike is a sleek online task manager solution that enables you to do project sharing. It also has a lot of bells and whistles related to project management and working in teams.

Wrike – Online Task Manager Review

Ovre the course of the next few months, I will be providing my honest reviews of many of the GTD tools and GTD software that is available online. Today, we are going to take an inside peek at Wrike. When you come to the homepage, you can see that this software is very robust and can handle many different work flows. Some of the features of the Wrike system includes the ability to add unlimited contexts, reminders, offeres three priority levels, and there is the ability to create sub-projects inside yor current projects. I think that is a neat feature that many of the current online task managers do not have. It is a complete task management software.

Online Support for Teams

If you run a small business or a large organization, then you will like the team support features that Wrike includes in the software. Completion statuses and progress are automatically reported so you can see where your team members are in their part of the project. You can also group people into teams for both tasks and projects. You can also assign specific tasks to certain team members if you want. You even have the ability to view tasks from other team members.

Online GTD for Individuals

While this online task manager is great for teams, it can also work as your personal GTD tool as well. It can be your task manager. Once you log into the system you will see a simple interface. On the dashboard there are 4 boxes that look like sticky notes. You have a box for overdue items. Maybe you need to exercise more and better understand the benefits of morning walk and exercise. You can keep track of personal items in Wrike as well. This can include tasks that other people have assigned you or you have assigned to others. The next box is overdue items created just by you. Your third box are your backlogged tasks that need to get done but are not overdue yet. Finally, the last box on the dashboard is an activity box. For example, you can update your status so that others know what you are working on for the day. It truly can help you to break habits that have been holding you back from your best performance.

Should I Do the Free Trial?

101 Current Projects

Image by mandiberg via Flickr

I would diffently encourage you to give it a free trial run. The advantage of the system is that it is adaptable to your workflow since it has so many features that can be used. If there is a downside to this system, I would say that it is a bit over whelming at first and there is a learning curve, but that is what makes the free trial worth it. It allows you to get your work flow down. I believe that it is a solid GTD online task manager that you could use to get things done. Click here for the link to the free trial offer.

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    • Project Management Software girl

      Thanks your post. For online task management software I use Teambox. a free open source collaboration tool that will help you organize and track your activities in an easy and fun way

    • Margaret Jane

      Sounds good! Exactly what I have been looking for. Just started a free trial, the interface looks awesome. Nice and simple.

    • Benjamin

      Totally agreed. I have been using Wrike for three months and would like to say that it saves me time and money. It is pretty user-friendly and intuitive. The greatest thing about Wrike is that I can manage an unlimited number of projects for a very reasonable price.

    • Wrike

      Thank you very much for your review and the stamp of approval, we are glad that you liked Wrike. We sure welcome everyone to trial Wrike for free and explore its features!
      You can also follow our blog to keep up to date with the most recent news and updates –

    • Alexander Peterson

      Hello. I see Wrike is really good CRM solution, however we already use WorkForcetrack instead. It is quite good platform and i would like you to try it and compare with other ones

      • dandv

        Wrike is not a CRM solution. Wrike only does project management.

    • Jack

      Jonathan thanks for the review. It would be really good if you did a review of all the task managers. A couple of months ago our company chose and we are very pleased. We like the presentation and customer service but most importantly we feel more secure knowing that we are all able to keep track of loose ends and that we’re all moving in the same direction. That’s why we got it. We all do our own admin. WE chose Dooster because it was recommended but a review at that time such as you are thinking of doing would have been good. Hope you like Dooster as much as we do.

      • Jonathan

        Thanks Jack. I am in the process of doing a review on several task managers. I will definitely add Dooster to the list. Thanks. Jonathan

    • Andrew

      Thanks for the tip, we are on paid subscription now and very happy with it! Really awesome tool!
      It also would be awesome if Wrike would be available in more languages, so we could our free viewers licences with more of our customers.

      • Jonathan

        You are welcome Andrew. I agree it is a great team collaboration tool. Good luck!

    • Tony Mobily

      Hi Jonathan,

      Did you end up reviewing several task managers? If so, did you see Apollo? Apollo is not quite GTD, but it does offer project management and CRM with cases & deals (also called “opportunities”), calendars, timers, email integration, and countless of other tools to communicate.

      If you have any questions, we are here!


      • Jonathan

        I have not heard of Apollo but I like the screenshots. I will take a closer look and write a review. Thanks!

    • Susan

      Jonathan – I see you had your eye on Dooster a while back, but haven’t seen an update. We’d love to have you do a review of it. The feedback from users has been great so far!

      • Jonathan

        yes, it is on my list and I have been experimenting with it. Hope to get to it soon.

    • Pankaj

      Jonathan, it would great to have you consider our HyperOffice – It is one of the oldest and most robust solutions in the market.

    • Mike

      I was given a demo of a new product called RockTask by one of my improvement colleagues. I was very impressed with the user interface and the simplicity of the application. I have looked at Wrike and it seems to be a good project management alternative but, it did not seem to have the everyday work of running an organization as its main focus or priority, which is what I am looking for. I was very impressed with and I would like to hear your comments on it. I know that it is new but, it sure looked very solid and inexpensive for what it does. I looked up the company, Aculocity, that developed it and they have done some pretty cool stuff.


      • Jonathan

        Hi Mike,

        I have not heard of RockTask, but I just signed up to give it a try. I will take a look and do a review on the blog soon about it. Thanks for mentioning it!

    • Bud

      Great choice .. we are GTD fanatics and just started Wrike’s free trial also … it may be a perfect project mgmt./task mgmt. marriage .. for both personal use and team use as you indicated .. we’ve looked at several of the hight tech online task managers and it seems like Wrike’s email technology is the best marriage of Outlook, GTD and an online project mgmt. tool.

    • Tony Bills

      br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}My company is using proofhub ( right now, we have spent a lot of time searching for the one that could fit our needs and we are quite happy with that It has a friendly interface that was a must have for us but also a lot of features.

    • Jimmy

      Wrike is a complex tool, it also lacks in many features that is why i have shifted to