How to Use Networking Cards to Your Advantage

Have you ever heard that in order to find a job quickly that you have to stand out from the crowd? Well, it is true. The problem is many candidates try to stand out in not so compelling ways. They try to stand out with fancy fonts on a resume, unique resume format designs, or by making daily calls on the jobs they want. If you want to stand out and be memorable try using networking cards to your advantage.

What exactly is a networking card? Networking cards are the size of a business card that describe to someone what you are all about. You can look at it like a mini resume. Basically, you take your most prominent skills and achievements and place them on a normal 3×5 card. What goes on the card is what you would tell someone in an elevator pitch. It is you answering the question: “What do you do for work?” Networking cards can help you get more precise and clear about talking to people about your work. Here are a few advantages to designing a networking card.

How to Use Networking Cards to Your Advantage

1. It is just different!

Do something different then what everyone else is doing. Successful career networking is all about take advantage of tiny opportunities along the way. It could be a conversation at the ball park, grocery store, bowling alley, or the Friday night high school football game. Have a stack of these networking cards available to hand out to people where ever you go.

2. It is less likely to get lost than other paperwork.

Most people are not so quick to throw away business cards. I know I don’t. They may end up in a drawer in my desk or in alphabetic order in a filing system, but I do not typically throw them away. I think you will find the same experience with networking cards. People will place your card somewhere for safekeeping. I know that a physical resume is more likely to get tossed over a business card or networking card.

3. Great for networking! It keeps you in people’s minds.

When you can begin to stick out in people’s minds you are making headway with career networking. It honestly doesn’t even matter what industry background that the individual has. In fact, I would pass these out to anyone interested. You could even give a handful to good friends and relatives. That way, they do not have to describe your experience for you in a conversation, but they can just hand out a card that tells people what you want them to know about you.

4. It presents your best information about you.

networking cardsI also like networking cards because it forces you to make a short presentation about you in a more powerful way. Many candidates do not have that clear of a picture of what they are all about. If you are a Twitter user, then you understand the importance of making sure that you use all 140 characters in the most powerful way possible. Networking cards presents the best possible information about you.

In a future post I will give you many ideas on how you can pass out these cards to help you land your dream job. For now, watch the short video below that explains the above tips in greater detail.

If you do not see the video above, you can watch How to Use Networking Cards to Your Advantage directly on YouTube.

Question: Have you ever used networking cards in any type of job search?

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