033: 5 Benefits of Morning Pages and Your Productivity [Podcast]

I have written about journaling in the past on this blog. There are many benefits you can receive from writing your thoughts down on a regular basis. I recently came across a slight twist to journaling. Maybe you have heard about this practice but it is a new concept to me. The practice is called […]

5 benefits of morning pages

032: 5 Ways to Stay Sane in the (Always On) Digital Age [Podcast]

Many experts and psychologist are now taking serious a new disorder that they are beginning to call communicative enslavement. With the easy accessibility of the internet, we can find ourselves slave to the internet, email and even texting. While it is not inherently bad to use a tool that easily put you in touch with […]

5 ways to cure internet addiction

031: How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts [Podcast]

Negativity can creep up in our lives without us even realizing it. Sometimes negativity causes us to be quiet, irritable, stressed, or restless. If you are going to live a vibrant life, then you have to learn how to get rid of negative thoughts. The first key is  awareness. Our thoughts can almost be on […]

How To Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

030: 10 Ideas on How to Relieve Stress [Podcast]

There is no doubt that we live in stressful times. There is a lot of uncertainty around us on a regular basis. Sometimes, it even feels like panic is setting in. Are we ever going to overcome this current crisis? Will things eventually get better? Will I always live this stressed out? It is important […]

ways to relieve stress

029: Control What You Can and Let Go of The Rest [Podcast]

Are you a control freak? I know I have those tendencies from time to time. Well, today I decided to resign from General Commander of the Universe again. Yes, I said, again. Seems somewhere along the way I decided to pick up the crown and cape and try to manage everything in my life. The […]

Control what you can and let go of the rest

027: How to Discipline Myself to Finish What I Start [Podcast]

Do you get frustrated when you start something and don’t finish? Maybe you were really excited about a book – only to stop halfway through. Maybe you started a home project – only to leave it half done. There is nothing more discouraging than being surrounded by unfinished tasks. Is there any hope for me? […]

How do I discipline myself to finish what I start

025: 4 Simple Parenting Habits for a Stress-Free School Day Morning [Podcast]

I know first hand how stressful school day mornings can be. At the time of this writing, we are getting back into the school day routine. Some parents dread getting back into the school routine. All they see is grumpy kids, angry parents, and late arrivals. A few years ago, that was a typical morning […]

parenting habits

024: The Main Reason You’ll Never Accomplish Your Goal [Podcast]

Why do we struggle so much in reaching our goals? Why are new habits so difficult to start? Why are bad habits so difficult to get rid of? There is a simple reason why you will never really change. I’ll share that one reason with you in just a bit. First, let’s explore why actually […]

Why You Will Never Accomplish Your Goals

A Simple Guide to an Amazing Year [Goal Setting Workbook]

I want to share with you a simple goal setting workbook you can use to have an amazing year. The truth is this is probably way different than any type of goal setting you have done in the past. The following guide is a combination of 3 trusted sources*, along with some of my own thoughts. […]

goal setting workbook

023: 5 Anger Management Techniques That Work [Podcast]

While I am not a licensed therapist, this blog is dedicated to providing simple tips in an effort to establish simple habits. While I have never endorsed that life is simple, I do believe that simple steps at the right time can provide big returns. Do you have any anger management techniques that you turn […]

5 Anger Management Techniques That Work

020: 3 Habits You Should Do Every Morning [Podcast]

There is nothing better than starting off your day right. There is nothing worse than starting your day off wrong. You have the power to choose. Are you strategic about your mornings? If you want to be intentional, you have to do it first thing in the morning. Bottom line. Let’s use exercise as an […]

3 Habits You Should Do Every Morning