Pros and Cons of the Roger CPA Review Course

Are you pursuing a CPA license? If so, you know you’ll need to take the CPA exam at some point. But before that, most students enroll in some type of review course to help them prepare.

Although there are many available today, I’d like to bring your attention to one of the more reputable companies that offer review courses: the Roger CPA Review Course.

Here are the pros and cons of the Roger CPA Review course.

Pros of the Roger CPA Review Course

Roger CPA Review CourseFree Material – Who doesn’t like free? They have options where you can view CPA exam review demos online, attend in-class courses at a location near you, view a live webcast, watch videos on their YouTube channel, receive access to the actual lectures from their CPA Review, and get more valuable advice from their video archives. All for free.

Discounts – In addition to the free courses you can take to experience the strength of their programs, they also offer certain discounts if you decide to enroll in a course. Discounts are available for current students, those who tried other review courses but were dissatisfied, organizations that partner with Roger CPA Review, as well as previous Roger students. In some cases, you can save over 35% from the original price.

High Pass Rate – Roger CPA Review has a tremendous pass rate. Not only to 86% of students pass, but they do so on their very first try. Other review companies either have lower pass rates, publish vague pass-rate statistics, or none at all.

Flexibility – Most of us live busy lives nowadays. We appreciate having options available to us, and Roger CPA Review offers that. You can attend in-class courses if you prefer a classroom setting, or take online courses from any computer with an internet connection.

If you travel frequently and value portability, you can purchase the entire review course stored on a lightweight USB hard drive. Lastly, if you need a final boost between your first Roger CPA Review course and the date you take the exam, they offer condensed cram courses.

Cons of the Roger CPA Review Course

I wasn’t able to find too many negative aspects of the Roger CPA Review course. But one thing to note is that they only offer weekend courses for the in-class option. The reason they do this is because they found that due to most people having a heavy work week, students were able to concentrate better with weekend classes.

If you’re looking for a refund, they have different policies for each of their products.

In-Class Course – As long as you cancel prior to attending your first class you are eligible for a refund.

Online Course – As long as you are within ten days of your receipt, you can cancel and receive a refund.

Overall, Roger CPA Review offers high-quality products that are sure to help you in passing the CPA exam. To find our more info or just watch some CPA Exam Review Demos online, go to:

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