A Simple Guide to an Amazing Year [Goal Setting Workbook]

I want to share with you a simple goal setting workbook you can use to have an amazing year. The truth is this is probably way different than any type of goal setting you have done in the past. The following guide is a combination of 3 trusted sources*, along with some of my own thoughts.

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simpleguideIf you would like to download and print off your own copy of this workbook, then click here: A Simple Guide to an Amazing Year [PDF Download].

In the workbook mentioned above, you will find the exact steps I took to review my pervious year and plan for the year ahead. Before you get started, I want to offer you 3 recommendations:

  1. Break away from the noise – You need to create some space to think. This means getting away from the regular distractions you face at work.
  2. Spend time in prayer – Ask God to show you how you fit into His plans. You are a part of a bigger story. It’s not just about you. I’ll be sharing with you in a bit about how you can ask God to give you a “theme” this year. It will be your big “why” for the year. Once you get a “theme,” God can show you the “how” as the year goes along.
  3. Include your spouse (family) – I have my good friend Dennis McIntee of LeadershipProcess.com to thank for this one. While I have done this in the past, I’ve been guilty of staying solo in my work planning. This year I included my wife in the planning. I can’t tell you how incredible it feels to be on the same page. Walk through this process with someone you love.


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Set to music, I walk you through you the questions listed in this workbook, while giving you time to write down your answers. While you can listen to this episode in your car, it is highly recommended that you listen to this episode with a paper and pen in hand. Again, if you would like to get access to the 6 page goal setting checklist he refers to, just Click Here. [powerpress]

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Ready to go? Now I am going to share with you 3 simple steps you can use to review your year and plan for the next.


As I have mentioned before, it is easy for the achiever in us to never be satisfied. We often don’t take time to celebrate the wonderful gifts we do have and the milestones we have achieved.

There will always be a tension between goals and gratitude. Take a few moments now and begin with gratitude. Starting from a place of abundance will give you more energy, enthusiasm, and excitement for the year ahead.  



You might be thinking, “I don’t want to look back. I only want to look forward.” I get that. However, if it was a “not-so-good” year for you, then you need to look back so you can:

  • See the recurring themes of your life and change them
  • Officially close the doors of the past so you can move forward
  • Identify what is missing from your life and add it



In this final step, I’m going to encourage you to choose a theme instead of a bunch of New Year’s Resolutions. Last year was my first year choosing a theme and the results were beyond amazing. I prayerfully chose the word “connected.” As someone who works from home a lot you can easily feel disconnected even in your own online business). By choosing the theme “connected” I was able to:

  • Form a mastermind group of like-minded people that I meet with weekly
  • Start a membership site that allows me the opportunity to get to know up close and personal some amazing people who are building great blogs.
  • Interview several successful people for my podcasts
  • and much more!

Before you walk through this process, I want you to begin in prayer. As the authors of the bestselling book One Word state: “Don’t just get a good word, but get a God word.” As you reflect on the questions offered in this goal setting workbook, ask God to show you the “overarching theme” of your life right now.

Here are three great questions that the authors mentioned above offer you to ask:

  • What do I need? (what areas of your life need the most change and why?)
  • What’s in my way? (what’s preventing me from having what I need?)
  • What needs to go? (what things do I need to let go of to move forward?)



Once you have answered all of the questions in this workbook, begin to write down some words that you could choose as a theme. A few pointers for you:

  • Don’t place more pressure then you need to on yourself.
  • Choosing a word will give you your big “why” for the year.
  • Select a few 90 day goals from your theme, but be open.
  • God will reveal the “how” to accomplish your theme as the year goes along.

* Some of the questions mentioned in this workbook stem from the works of Michael Hyatt, Darren Hardy, and the One Word Book


Question: What steps do you like to take when you plan for the year ahead? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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    1. I am going to set some time aside tonight to work on this. Thank you for sharing, it looks like a wonderful workbook.
      Debbie 🙂

    2. I have step one all set. Attitude of gratitude. I live by it.
      I can’t change the world, but I can make it better one attitude at a time. – me