Stop Trying to Be a More Disciplined Person [Podcast]

There’s a lie out there I want to tackle today, and the lie, the myth is this; that a successful person is a disciplined person, who leads a very disciplined life. Is that true?

Stop Trying to Live a More Disciplined life

Many times we get discouraged when:

  • we’re not as disciplined as other people appear to be
  • when we’re not productive from 6:00 A.M all the way to 10:00 P.M
  • When we see areas where we’ve wasted time
  • When we’ve not accomplished all the things that we want to accomplish in a day

And so we think our answer is just to buckle down and be more disciplined. But I want to show you today why that’s a myth, that’s a lie.

Stop Trying to Be a More Disciplined Person


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Our idea of a disciplined person is someone who fits it all in. We think they’ve figured out how to just cram more into their schedule, and that’s what we want to do. We just want to cram more into our schedule and we think it’s going to suddenly make us a productive, successful person.

We also think being a more disciplined person means less down time and less time for play because we’ve got something we want to accomplish. I want you to look from a different perspective. We look at a disciplined person and say “Man, they just seem to do everything right.” But the truth is it’s not about doing everything right.

Success is about intentionally doing the right thing. Gary Keller in his book  The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results says:

“When you see a person who looks like they’re very disciplined what you’re really seeing is a person who’s trained a handful of habits into their lives.”

Instead of trying to cram more into your schedule, instead of trying to say “I just want to do everything right” you are far better off at choosing one right thing, and building a habit around it.

What is that one right thing?

There was a study done in 2009 from the researchers at the University College of London, and they focused in on answering this one question:

how long does it take to establish a new habit?

They monitored the progress of several hundred students, and the results suggested that it takes an average of 66 days to acquire a new habit.

You’ll hear a lot of experts in the self-help industry claim 21 days to make a change, but the latest studies and modern science don’t back that up. They’re telling us 66 days, and so I’ve got a simple challenge for you today.

If you say I want to be a more disciplined person, I want you to think about instead of trying to do everything right, choose what is the right thing for you that’s going to make the most impact. Pick one specific area, a single area of your life that can really move you forward (you probably know what that is right now) and do that one thing well for the next 66 days.

A great example is health. We all know the side benefits of having better health:

  • We will have more energy
  • We will get more done at work
  • We will sleep better

What’s the one area of your life that if you do it well can positively impact several other areas?

What’s the one area of your life that can impact other areas? Next, decide on a single habit, and do just that for 66 days in a row. If you do the most important thing regularly, everything else becomes easier.


Question: What’s the one area of your life that if you do it well it will positively impact many other areas? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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    2 thoughts on “Stop Trying to Be a More Disciplined Person [Podcast]

    1. Thank you Jonathan for this post. I think the one thing I will decide to do for the next 66 days will be to wake up between 4-5pm everyday. I think If I can get my morning routine set in stone the rest of my day will be more productive.

      PS. I have loved your blog posts, your podcasts, your webinars and your online courses #GoodJob. God bless you