The 2 Most Important Skills in Every Job Search

Let’s face it. Searching for a new job is no fun. Just the thought of “hitting the trail” discourages many people. Updating your resume. Polishing your interview skills. Expanding your networking relationships. There are too many skills to keep track off. Where should you spend your time? What is the fastest way to a new job.

I remember the weeks and months after graduating from college. A diploma in one hand and no where to go in the other. Have you been there? I had mixed emotions. I was excited about the new possibilities that existed for me. I was also terrified about having to make the right decision. I got married between my Junior and Senior year of college. My job choice was going to affect both me and my spouse. Should I focus my search in the town where I live? Should we move to a new state? Lots of questions, not many answers.

There is no question that a job search can be a stressful time. At the same time, I have noticed a trend among “winners” of the job search. True “winners” check their attitude. True winners believe their next job is around the corner. True winners have 2 important skills that others seem to lack.

The 2 Most Important Skills in Every Job Search

I call these “skills” but they could also be considered a “mindset” or a “chosen perspective.” You can choose right now to adapt these skills to your life. Not only can they change the way you search for jobs, but they can also change the way you see life.

Persistence – The first skill is the ability to just press on no matter what. You choose to keep going. You choose to get up every day and get back at it. You choose to stay in the game. I am often surprised how many job seekers give up too easily. The next call could be your next big move.

Working as an Executive Recruiter is really no different than being a full-time job seeker. We call on companies in an effort to find out who’s hiring. Some days are discouraging. You get no where after a whole morning of calling hiring managers on the phone. Then, you decide to go for one more call. That next call yields your next job order. I have seen this play out over and over again. Persistence is key to a successful job search.

Patience – A whole range of emotions comes into play when you are in job search mode. Highs and lows are common. You discover a new job opportunity from a good company. You are on a high. You do not hear anything from them in several days. You are at an all time low. You finally get a call for an interview. You are back on top. They take a month or more on making a hiring decision. You are back to feeling down.

Running a successful job search is going to require that you adopt the ability to be patient. Patience helps you to stay “even kill.” Patience allows you to be steady and thoughtful. Balancing the ups and downs in your job search is absolutely critical.

If you are in the middle of a job search and currently discouraged, then take heart. Decide to adopt a new mindest. One that includes both patience and persistence. Persistence to help you to just make “one more call.” Patience to help you manage the ups and downs. If you can do those two things well, you will come out on top and leave the competition behind.


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