The 4 Parts to Every Successful Job Search

I recently announced on this blog that we will be holding a 30 day Job Search Challenge. The goal is to give you a daily actionable job search plan. I will be publishing daily blog post (Monday-Friday) throughout the month of May.

If you are underemployed, unemployed, or know someone that is, then I encourage you to follow us along on this challenge. I will be providing coaching exercises, PDF downloads, videos and more along the way.

 The 4 Parts to Every Successful Job Search

When it comes right down to it, I believe that there are 4 parts to a successful job search. Your ability to get all of these working together can dramatically help you in your hunt for a better job.

I am so convinced by these 4 parts of the job search I am making them the framework for our month long challenge. We will spend a week or so on each of these 4 areas until you get a firm grasp on the process.

Module 1: Know Yourself

I am often so surprised at how quickly most job seekers skip right over this part. We often jump right to the application before we ever stop to consider things like:

  • Our natural skills and abilities
  • Our passions and interests
  • Our unique personality
  • and much more

Instead, we ask questions like:

  • What will pay me the most?
  • What is the most secure job out there?
  • Which job has the best benefits?
  • Which one gives me the most vacation time?

Can you begin to see how this process is backwards? When we are done with this module you are going to know for certain where your strengths lie and what type of job you really want!

Module 2: Brand Yourself

Developing a personal brand is an important career skill to master. It is virtually impossible to get right if you have not done the step above first. Branding is you packaging yourself in such a way that it makes employers want to buy. They know what they are getting and they like what they see.

The first place we will place a focus is on branding your resume. There is a right and wrong way to do this. I’ll be revealing all of my resume branding tips in this 30 day challenge.

I will also show you how to expand your branding online. This is more important than ever today. You need to have a brand awareness on Linkedin, Twitter and even Facebook.

Module 3: Market Yourself

Now that your branding is in place, we need to get you in front of decision makers. There is both online and offline networking that must happen. I will be sharing with you tips and tools for doing both successfully.

Many job seekers struggle because they don’t enjoy calling people they do not know. Even if they got them on the phone, they have no idea as to what to say. No worries. We will be sharing many ideas and scripts with you that will fit all types of personalities.

Module 4: Believe in Yourself

Now that you have your foot in the door, it begs the question: “Now what?!” In this module we are going to help you to be fully prepared for any type of job interview. You will know how to answer both the easy and tough questions that will be asked of you.

You will also learn how to overcome obstacles that you are facing. Whether you feel under-qualified, over-qualified, too old or too young, we are going to help you through that.

Finally, we will be giving out special tips and pointers on negotiating the salary and nailing the job.

Everything gets started on May 1st. If you want a better job, I hope you will take the challenge and see how far a long you can get in 30 days.

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