021: The Art of the Restart – 3 Lessons Learned [Podcast]

Can I be honest with you for a moment? I have fallen and restarted many times in my life. Too many times to be completely honest. One of the main reasons I started this blog was out of the frustration I was facing everyday with the bad habits that seemed to dominate my life.

The art of the restart

In fact, there is not a week that goes by that those old bad habits don’t try to work their way into my schedule. No one has it completely together all of the time. So what separates the successful people from the unsuccessful? All successful people are passionate about the art of the restart.

Are you discouraged by the lack of progress in your life? Do you get excited only to become frustrated when you give up so quickly on your goals? Are you great at starting and poor at finishing like me? Then, you need to learn the art of the restart.

So, what can we learn from the art of the restart and why can it be a powerful principle in our lives?

3 Lessons We Learn From Restarting


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I want to share with you why the habit of restarting is good for you. Don’t see it as an evil. Embrace the struggle and see the good that happens when you get back up after you have fallen.

1. The Character We Are Developing

There is more going on than just reaching a goal. We often miss what happens in us when we are in pursuit of a goal. I recently heard Michael Hyatt say, “At the end of the day it is not so much about what you accomplish, but about what you are becoming.” Get back up and go after the goal again because of the character it will develop in you.

2. The Patience We Are Acquiring

We want things now! We want to rid our pain as soon as possible. We want life to be comfortable and safe. What we miss is that the struggle produces patience in us. We have to be patient with ourselves. You have spent a lifetime perfecting many of the bad habits in your life. You can’t expect to rid them all in the first week in January.

3. The Humility We Are Learning

We know from the Bible that pride comes before a fall. When you think you have fully arrived and have all of life figured out, watch out. Each stumble in life reminds us how imperfect we really are. Humility grounds us. Humility gives us a better set of lenses in which to view the world. It causes us to think before we speak, to observe before we judge, and to take heed before we fall.

Embrace the habit of restarting in your life. It is the road that every successful person travels on.

Question: How have you benefited from restarting in your life instead of giving up? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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    2 thoughts on “021: The Art of the Restart – 3 Lessons Learned [Podcast]

    1. Jonathan starting over could be good it shows that you have the wisdom to realize when things are not going well and the courage to start a knew project.
      I was looking at my old domain list on my host provider yesterday and I saw domain names I forgot I had.

      • Hi Michael. You are exactly right. Restarting is the opportunity to start again more intelligible.