The Basic Guide of Putting Who You Are Into What You Do

Can you make a living running dogs? Andrea Wellman decided it was possible. Today, Andrea has a full-time business running dogs.

put who you are into what you do

What would happen if you decided to put who you truly are into what you do? Too many career professionals spend the majority of their work week being something they are not. Their work day consists of trying to live up to the expectations the world has set for them without considering what it is they really want.

How do we change this? It starts by putting who you are into what you do. This is why looking inward is the first step in the job search process. Using Andrea’s story, here is a basic guide you can follow.

Step 1. Open Your Mind to the Possibilities

We have hailed job security as our highest priority for far too long. We select careers inside a box, and view anything else as far too risky.

Could we be missing out on an amazing adventure? Not a week goes by I don’t come across a new story about someone working in a non-traditional model. It all begins by opening your mind to the possibilities.

Today the majority of our household income comes from blogging. Five years ago I didn’t even know what a blog was. Keep your mind open. The possibilities are all around you.

Andrea had a commercial photography job, but she was willing to open her mind to other possibilities.

Step 2. Regain Control Over Your Career

If you do nothing else, do this: take 100% responsibility for your career. You have a choice. Your career is not determined by your boss, your geographic location, or the school you attended. Your future is determined by the every day choices you make.

For many, it often takes a job loss for them to regain control over their career. The bottom line is you are not stuck. You can begin to make different choices starting today. It really is up to you.

After losing her commercial photography job, Andrea realized she’d been on auto-pilot for far too long. She regained control by running dogs, something she was more passionate about.

Step 3. Consider Combining More Than One Passion

Are you a multi-passionate entrepreneur? Combining some of your passions just might make a great business model. Andrea knew she had two passions: running and dogs.

By combining her two passions, she began to form a unique business model for herself. More and more people asked her to take their dogs with her on her run.

Steve Kamb grew an audience quickly by combining his love of fitness and video games. His blog is topping over 60,000 email subscribers. Is there a business opportunity at the intersection of your passions?

Step 4. Find Someone Doing What You Want to Do

What gave Andrea the idea that she could make a business out of running dogs? One day she was browsing the latest edition of Runner’s World and read a story about a guy in Chicago who was running dogs full-time.

Now having an economic pattern to follow, she began to mirror much of the same model. Who is doing what you want to do? Learn from them and watch what they do.

Step 5. Surround Yourself With Other Passionate People

It is easy to become discouraged when we are swimming upstream against the current of the world. Well-intentioned people want to divert us off the path we feel passionate about and called to.

The way we move forward is by surrounding ourselves around other passionate people. Who you spend time with is a big deal.

Being a part of a mastermind group has been one of the best experiences for me to date. I feel accountable and challenged all at the same time. Who do you need to spend more time around?

Step 6. Meet Needs and Exceed Expectations

At the core of all business is service. Learning how to meet needs, add value, and serve others is at the heart of every good business model.

Andrea’s business grew largely by word of mouth. Today, she has over 50 clients and employs other runners to live out their dream as well.

Question: What are some ways you can put more of who you are into what you do?

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    6 thoughts on “The Basic Guide of Putting Who You Are Into What You Do

    1. What a sweet business idea! Nice post Jonathan! The creativity of these people is inspiring. Thanks for the encouragement to be a part of a mastermind group.

    2. Though I hear from new people all the time, finding that one group of passionate people has been a problem for me. Thanks for pointing that out!

      • It really is important. We have to make an effort to be around the right type of people. I have a mastermind group I meet with weekly and it has been amazing.

    3. Running dogs! Then surely any idea can be a business.
      Very inspiring, thanks Jonathan for sharing this; my mind is more open.

      • I am more and more convinced that just about every passion can be monetized in the day we live in.