033: 5 Benefits of Morning Pages and Your Productivity [Podcast]

I have written about journaling in the past on this blog. There are many benefits you can receive from writing your thoughts down on a regular basis. I recently came across a slight twist to journaling. Maybe you have heard about this practice but it is a new concept to me.

5 benefits of morning pages

The practice is called “morning pages.” While I do think it is designed for writers, it can be a fabulous productivity tool for anyone. The concept comes from Julia Cameron in her book, The Artist’s Way.

The idea is simple and flexible. There are not a bunch of rules to follow. The challenge is simple. Start your day by sitting down and journaling 3 pages. The original idea is to do this by hand.

For those of you who want a digital option, go for 750 words. It is equivalent to hand-writing 3 pages. I am currently using a website to help me track and manage my “morning pages.” The website is 750Words.com.

Before you get discouraged by the amount of words, let me make a few pointers.

  • Write down whatever comes to mind without judgement. Feel free to ramble on different topics.
  • The goal is to get everything out of your head.
  • Do not be consumed with spelling and grammar. You are not publishing this so…just write.

 5 Amazing Benefits to “Morning Pages”


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I have only been writing “morning pages” for a short while, but it has already become a daily habit for me. On the weekends, I am reading all of my Morning Page entries to look for patterns, insights, and to dos. Here are 5 benefits I have personally received.

1. Helps you clear your mind

If you have read Getting Things Done by David Allen, then you know he emphasizes the beauty of having a “mind like water.” Our brains can only juggle so many things in our mind at once before we feel over-whelm. My Morning Pages have become a “collection bucket” for me to get everything out so I can focus for the day.

2. Makes you aware of recurring themes

After only a few days, I discovered some repeating themes in my life. This helped me to take faster, decisive action on those items so I can get them off my mind.

3. Collects all your thoughts in one place

As I mentioned earlier, I spend some time on the weekends reading over my Morning Pages for the week. This is a neat way of seeing and reading what is going on in my life. I can immediate tell what topics are dominating my thinking.

4. Captures your best ideas

Writing to 750 words has helped me to capture several new ideas. It is amazing how this works. On average I am capturing  5-10 new ideas that I place in my “Ideas Bucket List.” Later, I can take action on some of these when I am ready.

5. Gives you items to add to your to do list

Another reason I love to do this in the morning is because to do items always come bubbling up. Once I hit my 750 word limit, I scan back through my writing to see what to dos came up and I add them to my list.

Question: Have you used Morning Pages? If so, what benefits have you received? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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    1. Thanks for the insight.I am an Artist not a Writer.However going to give this a whirl.My brain never shuts off.Hoping this will wrangle my thoughts.Peace!

    2. One of the best entries that I’ve come across in recent times…let me start my morning pages, right from tomorrow…