The Biggest Secret to Becoming a Successful Achiever

As a Senior in high school, one of our class assignments was to “shadow” someone at their workplace for a day. I’d always admired my Grandfather’s business so I decided to learn from him for a day.

He owned a few small hardware stores in rural parts of Indiana. I still remember that day vividly. He taught me how to put together an “end of the row” sales display. He showed me how to use the “pricing sticker gun” and most importantly he taught me how to price a product for profit.

I was only 17 at the time, but I took his advice and applied it to my baseball card selling business. We now understood how to reinvest some of our profits to buy more inventory and how to mark up merchandise for a profit.

In the midst of a world that highly values education, we often forget the power of a mentor.

Success Magazine asked their most successful achievers a very simple question. What’s been their biggest secret to improving their results?

  • 37% Learning From Other Achievers
  • 22% Waking Up Earlier
  • 22% Making a Plan
  • 16% Writing Down My Goals
  • 3% Delegating

Writing down your goals, having a plan, and waking up earlier are all great practices, but regardless of what level you are – you need a mentor.

Are you actively learning from other achievers?

1. A mentor can be found in a specific skill set. 

You don’t have to chase down a mentor who’s super successful in every area of life. A mentor can be found in someone who is better than you at a particular thing. If you desire to traditionally publish a book, find someone who has done it and learn from them.

2. A mentor can be found in a mastermind group.

If you’ve been around this blog for very long then you know how much I value mastermind groups. I meet with mine once a week online and once a year in-person. It’s been the single greatest reason for my success in the past two years.

I’m so passionate about mastermind groups that I put together an entire online course on how to launch your mastermind group.

3. A mentor can be found in anyone if you’re willing to unlearn.

I believe there is a core genius to be found in everyone. Each person has a gift lined with gold nuggets of wisdom that we can glean from. The reason we miss most grand lessons in life is because our first response is: “I’ve already heard this before.”

The ability to unlearn and sit at the feet of your peers is how you get to the next level.

Are you actively learning from other achievers?

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