The Main Reason You Should Start Before You’re Ready

Are you failing to start? Are you sitting on the sidelines waiting for permission to get in the game? Well, can I infuse a truth into your life today? You’ll never be fully ready. The only solution is to start before you’re ready.

Why You Should Start before you are ready

I know that’s painful to hear. I know that means you may not put your best foot forward.

The secret of champions is they start before they’re ready.

Let me give you a personal example. I just recently got back from a trip to Tennessee where I had the opportunity to sit and be interviewed on set with Michael Hyatt for the Platform University members (see pic).

Interview with Michael Hyatt shot 2

Immediately after the interview here’s all the thoughts that were going on in my head:

  • I thought of all the good answers I should have given in the interview
  • I thought about the stupid answers I did give
  • I wished I’d worn a different shirt
  • I wished I had sat a different way

But here’s the truth: success cannot be summed up into a single event.

Success is found in a series of small steps, to which you learn and grow, and it’s no different with you today.

You are putting all of your hope and dreams into that single one event that you think is going to make everything perfect. The truth is success is a series of small steps and you have to start before you’re ready so that you can learn and grow in order to improve along the way.

I first learned this truth at a John Maxwell’s writer conference. He was holding this one-day event for writers, which was actually the very first time he’d done a single event just for aspiring writers. Every single person that day got a copy of his first book.

It wasn’t till the end of the day that he shared with us why he gave us a copy of his first book.

He said: “I gave you a copy of my very first book to encourage you. Once you read my first book, you’ll be encouraged because you’ll see how bad my writing was when I first got started.”

What helped to make John Maxwell great wasn’t his first book. It was the fact that he started before he was ready. Each book he learned something new and improved. The same can be said of you.

You’ll never get to that next level as long as you’re on the sidelines still reading the playbook.

In the book Turning Pro from Steven Pressfield, he makes a powerful statement that is sure to challenge all of us.

“The sure sign of an amateur is he has a million plans and they all start tomorrow.”

Are you like that? Do you have a million plans or a million ideas? Do you live with big ambition and yet you’re sitting on the sidelines because they all start tomorrow? The secret to success is to start before you’re ready.

Let me leave you with a personal video. back in 2011, we had a dream of launching Blogging Your Passion University. Things didn’t always go as smooth as we had hoped. Here’s a video filled with a few of the many bloopers, mistakes and challenges we faced in “starting before we were ready.”

Question: How do you start before you’re ready? How long has it been? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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    6 thoughts on “The Main Reason You Should Start Before You’re Ready

    1. Good point! Paralysis by analysis prevents the dreamer from taking the first step. Before you know it March is upon you and you still haven’t started. I know I’m guilty of it. In areas of success in my life I have always failed forward. Thank you for this much needed post. I plan to retweet this and share it with my contacts.
      Here’s to a productive 2015

    2. Your point is absolutely right Jonathan! If you wait for the perfect moment. You won’t accomplish anything! My website is a perfect example of starting before I’m ready! Now it’s helping lots of people become inspired. 🙂

      Great post! Keep it up! I’m gonna share this to my FB profile! 🙂

    3. Haha, this makes me feel better about almost every area of my life. Sometimes we see the success of others and assume they began their journey with perfection. We all have to start somewhere. Thanks for being vulnerable and for sharing.

    4. John, Thanks for putting this encouragement out there. I am in the process of putting things out there right now that are less than perfect, but I know that it is better to get these things to market now and get feedback from my market to refine v.2. One common bit of business wisdom is akin to your idea: you should let your first customer pay for your product development because you will be building it to real needs. When you do this, the secondary benefit is that the customer pays for it; the primary benefit is that you will have a useful product that will be much more marketable in the future.
      I have a book that needs to be better but it is an ebook on Kindle called Working With SMEs and I have just completed a companion workshop. I am working on developing a promotional slide show for the workshop and that process is requiring me to learn some new skills. It’s a little scary to put out products that are not up to my standards yet, but the alternative is to wait until the market gets away from me.
      Your blog is timely. All the best to you!

      • Thanks Peggy. Love your insights here. My last online course I created came after walking a group of students through the process. They helped me find the holes and the areas of struggle I hadn’t thought about.