The Main Thing That Determines Work Satisfaction

“I hate taking personality tests. I don’t understand how to use the results of my test. What if I don’t like the results I get from my personality test?”

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There is no shortage of personality tests out on the career-finding market. In some respects, we’ve taken a good thing and made it a mundane thing. Understanding and knowing your personality is a key factor in finding work you love. Sure, you can chase after money or a prestigious title, but eventually, you will gravitate back to your natural personality.

Years ago, a psychologist named John Holland made several discoveries about why personalities matter in choosing a career. The key insight he discovered was this: Vocational interests are an expression of personality.

“We love our work when our unique personality can be fully expressed through our career choice.” tweet this

Think about this: Our personality often dictates how we select our friends, vacations, and even hobbies. Why would it be any different when it comes to choose a career or even building a business?

Holland goes on to define 6 different personality tendencies. before I list each of them, you must understand that you cannot fit you or anyone else into just one box. The truth is you might have a mixture of two.

Holland’s 6 Personality Types

6 personality types for a dream job1. Social – You prefer working with people. You may also like the freedom to get out and connect with others. You most enjoy guiding, directing, and serving others.

2. Investigative – You more than likely love science and math. Problem solving is exciting and you love digging into the details.

3. Artistic – You love to create and explore. Structure probably feels like a death sentence to you. Thinking out of the box and giving into your creative side is really living well.

4. Enterprising – You love to get things done through others. Not in a mean delegating sort of way. You enjoy persuading, leading, and influencing others. Achieving organizational and economic goals is the ultimate thrill.

5. Conventional – You love and thrive on structure. Routine tasks and developing processes excite you. You enjoy clerical and administrative endeavors.

6. Realistic – Working with your hands is what you most enjoy. Using tools and machines, along with being outdoors is what makes your heart sing. Too much social interaction probably drains you as well.

Although this was just a quick definition of Holland’s 6 personality tendencies, I hope you will ponder which one or two most fit you. Choose a career or creating a business that allows you to fully express your personality is how you will most enjoy your work.

Question: Which two personality types above best describe you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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