The One Word That Catapulted the Direction of My Business

At the end of 2012, I knew some things were going to have to change in my business. What got me to where I was, wasn’t going to get me to the next level. Fear led to doubt, doubt led to confusion, and confusion led to inaction. Have you been there?

How to change the direction of my business
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Even though I had built a bridge from my day job to my dream job, I felt a bit uncertain on how to get to the next level. Since it was the end of the year, I began to do a yearly review.

  • What went right this past year?
  • What went wrong this past year?
  • What do I still need to learn?
  • What is missing?

That last question ended up being a game changer for me. It led me to the single word that catapulted the direction of my business.

In the past, I would make a long list of yearly goals in January. Some I would accomplish, some would sit on the shelf, and some just weren’t worthy to pursue as time went by.

I decided to distill my entire list down to a single word. I wanted a single word to become my theme. That’s when I chose the word “connection.”

I chose the word because I had slowly became isolated over time. I was working from my home office more and more. I was creating products that scale but required very little personal interaction.

If there is one danger of building a lifestyle business it is this: isolation can lead to stagnation.

I was missing out on the ultimate leverage point of my business. I define leverage with two words: learning and listening.

  • LearningThe ability to unlearn and sit at the feet of your peers
  • ListeningA constant awareness of the goals, passions and struggles of your audience

I was missing out on both leverage points!

How My One Word Changed Everything for Me

Within two months, I had formed a mastermind group. While you might be thinking that I just fired off an email and formed this group, I did not. I started a mastermind group with total strangers.

I did hand pick each person through a process I teach in my course How to Launch a Successful Mastermind Group. While they each had expertise in critical areas, I did not know them personally beforehand.

In the past 18 months, the results have been nothing short of astonishing…

Members of our group have:

  • Written books
  • Created online courses
  • Launched speaking careers
  • Opened the doors to new businesses
  • Started new conferences
  • and so much more

In my own business I was able to:

  • Double my business revenue last year
  • Match that revenue this year in the first six months

I attribute all of these results to being in a mastermind group.

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