The Power of a Personal Vision for Your Life

Growing up in the state of Indiana, you’re taught at a young age to have a love for basketball. From a very young age, I was dribbling a basketball around the house. There’s even an age old joke in Indiana that every kid born in the state is born with a basketball and pair of sneakers.

How to discover the purpose of your life

While most kids want to grow up to be a policeman or fireman, I wanted to play basketball in the NBA. That personal vision for my life guided all of my decisions and actions. It even told me what I was not going to do. I remember turning down potential girlfriends in middle school because “I had to focus on practicing my basketball skills.”

Something happens when we become adults. We set aside a personal vision for a safe and secure paycheck. Never mind that we hate our work. We somehow convince ourselves that we are noble because we do work we hate. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with blooming where you are planted in your current work. Still, we ought to seek out a personal vision for our life.

A Great Definition of Calling

In the book Catalyst Leader by Brad Lomenick, he offers up a great definition of calling. He says a calling is, “God’s personal invitation for me to work on His agenda, using the talents I’ve been given in ways that are eternally significant.”

I love that definition for a few reasons:

1. Your calling is personal

If you study the lives of those in the Scriptures, you’ll discover something fascinating. God always has a personal calling. It’s personally tailored to that individual and it’s “for such a time as this.” There is a personal, tailor-made vision for your life.


2. Your gifts are required

Not only is the calling personally tailored for you, but God’s agenda requires someone with your unique gifts. You don’t need to become someone else to be successful, you just need to own the gifts God has already given you. When this truth sinks deep into your soul, ambition rises in your heart and mind. God is inviting your gifts to be used for His agenda.


3. Your work is long-lasting

Many people today see little to no value in their work. It’s a means to an end and that end is a safe, secure paycheck. But we were meant for so much more! When you discover your personal vision and express it through leaning into your gifts, God opens up opportunity to do eternally significant work. The more we lean into our gifts, the more the opportunity stream widens.


How about you? Do you have a personal vision for your life? Start down the path of discovering it today…


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    21 thoughts on “The Power of a Personal Vision for Your Life

    1. Thanks, Jonathan, for the great post. I’ve been spinning around for the two years since my retirement. Seeking direction, a clear path. I am finally getting some clarity to what I want to do with the remainder of my life, for as long as God wants to use me. I have some talents and abilities–I think. But there is also another aspect of life which I may be able to use even more powerfully–my experiences, good and bad. I appreciate the encouragement you gave to “lean into our gifts.”

    2. Pursing a personal vision is something we must tell our children to do when they are young. Let that be their mind set from the beginning. We are told in our culture to go to school to get a good job to find security. Once that’s ingrained in our heads it’s hard to break. Telling our children from the beginning that they are made for a purpose and a plan unique to them will get that mind set ingrained in their heads.

    3. Nice post and very timely read for me, I’m honing in on this very thing through an excellent bible study lesson by my “preacher” Joyce Meyer! I love having found your blog and benefitting from your calling Jonathan!

    4. Great post Jonathan, loved it! It took me decades to understand and embrace my vision. I always knew that I wanted to make a difference with my life. Only I didn’t have the courage to follow my true calling to its fullest. Last year I took that bold step. Incidentally, it is exactly one year today since I put in my quit notice on Tuesday 16th December 2013!

      My vision is to “Help Build Authentic Leaders” while my specific mission is “I help to inspire, motivate and equip individuals, businesses and organizations to explore their true Identity, unleash the Leader in them and build a transformational Legacy.

    5. Jonathan – What a great post! Thank you for tying together these facets and exposing me to another book I need to put on my Amazon wishlist! Great connection to Michael Hyatt’s offering as well. I have not taken the plunge yet and it looks very good.

      I also forgot that you grew up in Indiana. Small world! I’m in Carmel/Indianapolis. I’ll have to reach out to Gil too it looks like.

      Blessings on your day.

    6. Where did you grow up in Indiana? I was in Muncie during high school, went to Ball State, and am now in Fishers.
      Good insight in your post. I am focusing my apostolate on the idea of calling as well so I look forward to learning more from you. BTW, when I see someone with the Michael Hyatt theme, I know they have been exposed to some good training on their skills in blogging. Almost like letters after your name, but not as expensive.

      • Hi Gil – Per above… you are a close neighbor as you are in Fishers and I’m in Carmel. We should think about connecting. Have a great week.