The Power of Taking “Real” Breaks in Your Workday [Podcast]

Is it really possible to work less and yet get more done? A few years ago I noticed a big problem in my life. I was working from home and trying to start an online business through blogging. It was hard. Things were not progressing as fast as I wanted them to. My answer was to just buckle down, grind it out, and work more hours.

Not only was I working all day, but now I was sitting in front of the computer all night. Sometimes even till 2:00 am! Something had to change. This was not healthy. The most fascinating thing about it all is I wasn’t more productive.

I had mistaken quantity of time for quality.

As long as I was behind the computer, I thought I was productive. Finally, I decided to strategically take breaks during the day. It didn’t matter really what I did, as long as I wasn’t behind the computer.

It was hard at first because I was convinced that taking breaks was counter-productive.

However, what I have found is that my creativity and energy soars when I take strategic breaks during my work day.  Listen to my story below.

The Power of Taking “Real” Breaks in Your Workday [Podcast]


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In this podcast episode, Jonathan talks about the power of taking real breaks. He even walks through how you can work less and yet do more. Many of us have bought into the lie that quantity of work is what makes us feel good. The truth is quality of work is a much better feeling and you still have time for play.

Jonathan also mentions the 30 Day Get Productive Challenge. You can get started on your journey of being more productive by going to:

Lastly, I wrote about this topic well over a year ago and it was featured on LifeHacker. You can read the article here: How to Work Less and Do More.

Question: Have you ever used strategic breaks in order to be more productive?


    Jonathan has been blogging since 2009 and is still in awe that the Creator of the Universe desires to have a relationship with him. His passions include spending time with his kids, reading, March Madness, surprise get-a-way trips with his wife, and watching funny YouTube videos.

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    2 thoughts on “The Power of Taking “Real” Breaks in Your Workday [Podcast]

    1. I don’t buy it Jonathan; maybe at least not at first when you’re getting everything going. You all have a great program with a lot of information about how to get started on blogging…now, I need to know how to get started on blogging while working FT with two little ones running around screaming their heads off. I don’t see how NOT to be forced to sit in front of your computer until the wee hours on a school night (case in point, check the time of this comment! I’m getting it done…but unfortunately, at the sacrifice of my sleep during cold and flu season 🙁 nevertheless, thanks for all you do per usual!

      • I know how you feel. There is a side hustle that needs to happen. No question. The over arching principle is to work in “sprints.” you still need time to rest and recover. It is just the way we are built. Maybe your sprint is last a few weeks. you still need some recovery time. I’d encourage you to apply the principle and not the schedule. The schedule may not be practical for your specific situation.