The Power of the Calendar To Do List

If it’s true that what gets scheduled on the calendar gets done, then why don’t we treat our to do list this way? Most of us are aware of the appointments and events on our calendar, but our to do list often collects dust on a list or software we don’t review often enough.

You can change that by implementing a calendar to do list. One simple way you can do this is by adding your to dos on your calendar. Crystal Paine from does this with her Google Calendar. If you already live by a calendar, it’s a great place to start.

The Power of the Calendar To Do list

For the past year, I’ve been using a software that combines the calendar and the to do list. It’s a simple software and app called TeuxDeux. It enhances your to do list by adding the power of a calendar. Here are at least four reasons why this system works well for me.

Helps me focus on what needs to get done today. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I like to create a “must” do list every morning. This allows me to focus on what’s most important today. Inside of TeuxDeux, you have a to do list under each day of the week. While I might have many tasks spread out on dates in the future, I can just focus on what needs to get done today.

Keeps my unfinished tasks in front of me. Didn’t finish all of your tasks yesterday? TeuxDeux has you covered there was well. Any unfinished task gets pulled to the current day. You might be thinking this could potentially be annoying as unfinished tasks keep piling up on you causing overwhelm, but I see it differently.

First, it helps you to be more realistic with your time. We often think we can get more done in a day than we actually have time for. TeuxDeux helps you to be realistic with your time.

Secondly, it forces you to make decisions on tasks that sit on your to do list too many days in a row. I’m able to drag and drop that task to a future date when I have more time available to get it done.

Allows me to push items to a future date. I love this feature of TeuxDeux. When my current daily list gets too long, I begin to drag tasks into the future. This helps me to mentally let that task go, while knowing I won’t forget about it. Also, certain tasks come up that I don’t need to do today but maybe next week. I go ahead and place that task on the day I want to be reminded. This is also a great feature for scheduling out milestones to a bigger project you are working on.

Able to schedule recurring tasks. We all have recurring tasks that we want to be reminded of. Maybe it is exercise, daily Bible reading or journaling. You can easily schedule recurring tasks so that they show up as often as you’d like.

Whether you choose to use a service like TeuxDeux or just use a Google Calendar, I urge you to consider combining your to do list with your calendar. What gets scheduled, gets done.


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