What MBA Specialization Options Exist for Accounting & Finance Professionals?

The business world is saturated with MBA professionals who have to vie heavily to both acquire and maintain their work positions. What can an individual in this field do to stand out from the rest? Specializing in a particular area of business and becoming an expert in that field is one sure way of standing out and making yourself more marketable.

There are many components to the business field. These include Finance & Accounting, Business Management, Information Technology and Marketing. Some of these areas, such as Accounting and Finance, have their own specialty options. Businesses have specific problems to which they need specific solutions. They would rather entrust the handling of their business to a professional who is equipped with knowledge and expertise specific to that area.

Specialty Options in MBA Accounting & Finance

MBA in Accounting and Finance

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A general knowledge of financing is not enough to propel you to the status of a world-class leader. Studies geared towards finance are meant to integrate the knowledge of finance with business skills.

Specializing in a specific area of finance will give you that edge that allows you to advance your career. In the case of a job search, you will have a substantial advantage over other applicants.

Every business has a financial portfolio which is best handled by a professional who has expertise in accounting & finance. Successful businesses in particular prefer to hire people who know about the various areas of the financial market.

There are a number of MBA specialty options in Accounting and Finance that will help to secure a career in mid-level and senior management. MBA students can pursue courses such as general finance as investments, portfolio strategies and analysis, corporate finance, and international finance.

Career Opportunities

A specialization in MBA Accounting & Finance will lead to lucrative and high paying jobs.

  • Investment: Job opportunities for those who specialize in investment include that of a chief financial officer or finance manager. Individuals in these positions would be handling the company’s internal financial affairs.
  • Corporate financing: MBA graduates who specialized in corporate financing sometimes end up landing a career as financial advisors or even starting their own financial advising business. Those employed to companies may work for businesses such as commercial or investment banks and consultancy agencies. They may also land jobs working for people who have a high net worth.

Additional job opportunities: MBA finance graduates can also find jobs working in areas such as:

  • Risk management
  • Securities sales and trade
  • Insurance
  • Accountancy
  • Financial manager
  • Finance officer
  • Financial planner
  • Budget analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Investment banker
  • Accountant
  • Controller
  • Accounting manager
  • Financial accounting consultant

Completion Time for an MBA Accounting & Finance Degree

The amount of time the course of study takes would vary based on factors such as whether or not the student is:

  • Entering the course coming directly after completing a bachelor’s degree program.
  • Entering the course after working in an entry-level position for a few years or after working in the private or public sector for many years.

Individuals entering an MBA Accounting & Finance Degree course of study stand to gain significant benefits from specializing in an area in which they will excel both academically and professionally.

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