What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Passion [Podcast]

What do I do if I’ve lost my passion? Maybe that’s your question today. What do you do if you’ve lost the joy, passion, and zest for life?

what do I do if Ive lost my passion

Maybe someone close to you has lost their passion. Maybe your husband has lost his passion. Maybe he lost his job recently and he’s just tired of looking for a new one. What do you do if you’ve lost your passion? How do you get it back? How do you get your mojo back?


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What did you recently lose?

The first question that I would ask if someone were to say “What do I do, Jonathan, if I’ve lost my passion?”, I would ask them: What did you recently lose?

Because often that is a clue or hint to why we’ve lost our passion. Was it a person or a relationship that you lost? Maybe it was a job, a career, a business, an opportunity, financial setbacks, or even a setback in health. My question to you today if you say I’ve lost my passion is: “What did you recently lose?”

Was your identity tied up in what you recently lost?

Once you’ve identified that thing you have lost, the next question is: “Was your identity made up in that?”

Was that the center of your life? Was that thing that you recently lost at the very center and you actually drew your identity from it?

If that’s true there’s only really one way to remedy this problem. That is to firmly place your identity into something that can never disappoint and never change.

If you find your passion, zest for life in something that can never disappoint and never change then there’s a good chance that passion will remain.

For me, the only thing that I’ve ever found that will never disappoint and never change is my personal relationship with God. That relationship, when it moves off of center and I place my job, my career, my business, my spouse, my relationships, my financial net worth, and I place one of those things in the center, then I’ve set myself up for eventual disappointment or the ability to lose my passion.

The 3 Passion Killers

Maybe today you say I don’t know, I think it’s something else just seems to be going on there. I want to propose three passion killers for you to think about. The truth is it could be one of these right now going on in your life or maybe it’s multiple ones.

Maybe it’s all three of these that you’re struggling with. For those that have lost their passion, their joy, their zest for life, sometimes it’s one of these three that is killing your passion.

Passion Killer #1: Unkind Critic

You’ve just got an unkind internal critic. Maybe you’re just really hard on yourself. The negative thoughts that are going on in your mind are telling you all the reasons why you can’t, why you shouldn’t, why you’re not valuable, why you can’t do that business launch you want to do, why you can’t reach out to that relationship that you want to reach out to.

You just have a harsh internal critic, and you’re letting it control and dominate your life and your mind. You’re losing that joy and passion for life because of the internal thoughts  you’re honestly not even that fully aware of. But, it’s holding you down and causing you to live a life of negativity.

It is so easy for us to identify when other people have an internal critic that dominates their life. Because it oozes out of them. We see that negativity come about. Honestly, we don’t want to spend time with those people. But, what happens when that person is us?

You have to change that. You have to do something better. The only answer to being an unkind internal critic is to start with awareness. Have awareness of your inner thoughts. Really decide to be aware of those negative thoughts going on in your mind today. Decide to change the negative thoughts into something more positive, to have some belief in yourself even when others may not.

Passion Killer #2: Unhealthy People

Sometimes we let other people’s opinions become our reality. Their opinion begins to shape the way we act, our choices, and our agendas become what other people expect of us. Especially when that’s coming from unhealthy negative relationships that’s incredibly damaging.

The remedy is to spend some time with a growth friend. A growth friend is somebody who stretches you, challenges you. After you spend time with them, you walk away encouraged.

Set a lunch date with a growth friend this week so you can walk away encouraged and inspired. Sometimes that growth friend can help shake up those negative inner thoughts we mentioned earlier.


Passion Killer #3: Unbalanced Schedule

Maybe you’ve lost some of that passion because there’s no margin in your life. There are too many demanding things on your time, and you have got to cut away from the busy schedule that’s not serving you well.

If you have an unbalanced schedule, create some margin this week. Don’t wait. Actually take time to schedule margin right into your calendar. Set it like you would any other appointment. Give yourself a couple of hours of margin, space to think, to relax, and to rejuvenate. Maybe it’s a quick weekend trip that you need to spend with your family or a 48 hour trip on the weekend.

Here’s the bottom line. The good news is you can get your passion back. It’s not lost forever. I think it’s hidden in those clues of:

  • What did you recently lose?
  • Was your identity made up in that thing?
  • Was it an unkind internal critic?
  • Is it an unhealthy relationship?
  • Do you have an unbalanced schedule?

Whatever it is, I want to encourage you – take action today and get your passion back.

Question: What do you do when you’ve lost your passion? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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    2 thoughts on “What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Passion [Podcast]

    1. Jonathan,
      I hope you believe this. This morning I was praying to God about this very topic of having lost my passion… it was mainly due to living out my passion among “unhealthy people”. Since I am determined to take personal responsibility, I will admit that I jumped ahead of God and I eagerly gave, without pausing and consulting Him, my very best to people that I thought were my friends, people whom I thought would be grateful for the help and insight I gave them. It was only after I started being blessed (or elevated) for what I had given that the people were revealed to be “haters”. It shattered my soul to see that people I had respected, believed in (based on the words they preached), and given to from the heart, respond to me in hatefulness due to personal insecurity, fear and jealously. I became exhausted and adopted a “what’s the use” attitude and became afraid to ever live out my passion. I know God is encouraging me to begin again more wisely (or else I wouldn’t have seen this timely post of yours) but it’s hard to see how it could work out as a business or productive calling. I do feel compelled now to warn others how to use wisdom to evaluate relationships before casting their pearls…not sure if this “compulsion” is a passion or a mission though…. Thank you for the post.