What You Focus on Expands: A Simple Formula to Turn Your Day Around

I remember shortly after getting married my wife and I needed to purchase our first family car. We had a Toyota Tercel and wanted to upgrade. After doing my research, I settled on wanting a Toyota Camry. A funny thing happened next.

what you focus on expands

Everywhere I went, I saw Toyota Camrys. Have you ever had something like that happen to you?

What you focus on expands.

It is not a coincidence when you think bad thoughts, you get more bad thoughts. Your ability to renew your mind on a daily basis will directly impact your quality of life.

How does your thinking grow? Does it grow more negative or more positive?

Which sounds better?

  • Why am I always tired or what can I do this week to boost my energy?
  • Why am I drowning in debt or what can I do to boost my income?
  • Why do things never seem to go my way or what is going right in my life right now?

Learn the habit of asking better questions. Your internal questions direct your focus. Shifting your focus alone, will change your emotions and feelings.

3 Steps to Shift Your Focus

While these steps are simple, there are incredibly profound. Don’t believe me? Try this for the rest of the day and then come back and comment below.

1. Be aware of your bad thinking.
2. Ask better questions.
3. Focus on seeking answers to more positive questions.


Question: How has asking better questions turned your day around? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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    3 thoughts on “What You Focus on Expands: A Simple Formula to Turn Your Day Around

    1. You’re right Jonathan. I’ve found the same thing happens to me.

      With asking better questions, I begin to see things in the proper light. Things that were bad become good, things that were frustrating become fleeting. It’s all in our mind.

    2. Great post Jonathan. I’ve just recently started following your blog. So far, everything has been great. This morning I started the practice of morning pages. it went a lot faster & easier than I thought it would be!