Why Your Poor Sleeping Habits Are Putting You At Risk [Infographic]

Many people begin each day already tired and fatigued due to sleep disorders and ignorance of the nature of sleep. One in three Americans suffers from some sort of sleep disorder, and the treatments of these sleep disorders add up to a cost of $16 billion in healthcare.

Sleep disorders like Restless Legs Syndrome and Sleep Apnea cause millions of Americans to fail to achieve perfect cyclical sleep. A good night’s sleep involves a 5 step sleep cycle that repeats itself several times a night over an 8 hour period, meaning that a sleep disorder often compounds the damage done by a lack of designated sleep time. Those who have trouble sleeping well should consult a doctor so they can take a sleep test and receive treatment for their sleep disorders.

Poor sleep can cost lives on and off the road. Over 1,500 people die every year on the road due to drowsy driving, and 71,000 people incur injuries from driving while sleepy. Bad sleep can also cost lives off the road by increasing the likelihood of health problems such as diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.

In order to get better sleep, people should avoid consuming stimulants and depressants before bed and should do relaxing things before attempting to sleep. Developing a unified, constant sleep schedule is also vital; as tempting as sleeping in on the weekend can be, doing so will only serve to offset the sleeping pattern.

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The Basics of Sleep


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