The Day They Laughed at Walt Disney for His Dream

Walt Disney had a movie executive laugh out loud at his dream. Early on in his business to bring cartoon animation to the movie theaters, Disney had what felt like an opportunity of a lifetime. Through much hard work, he had negotiated an appointment with one of the largest movie industry executives at the time. Walt’s […]

039: What to Do When Luck Finally Comes Your Way [Podcast]

A series of unfortunate events. It’s more than a children’s novel. Maybe it describes how life has been going for you? Then, unexpected luck. It blindsides you. Renews your hope. Revives your spirit. Today, we will dive into Chapter 4 of the new book I’m writing called The Gift – What You Have That the Richest […]

035: From Bad to Worse – How to Overcome Your Downward Spiral [Podcast]

Mack rushed off the elevator of the 19th floor toward his cubicle. He arrived without anyone noticing that he was a few minutes late (or so he had hoped). He noticed that his voicemail light was bright red on his phone. Nothing unusual or so it seemed. He punched in his code and it was […]

How to overcome your downward spiral

034: You Have a Gift – Your Gift is Needed in the World! [Podcast]

It was a beautiful Spring day in New York City. Central Park at noon time had become a haven of rest for Mack Johnson. He looked forward to escaping his high-rise office cubicle to clear his head from the frustrations of work. The economy was sinking fast and with it his hopes and dreams. He […]

you have a gift

3 Ways to Sprinkle Purpose Back into Your Work

Seems like today more than ever the average worker has lost their purpose. Money alone cannot fill your purpose bucket. Just ask any successful entrepreneur. Money alone cannot fill your purpose bucket. Click To Tweet Chasing money does not sustain you through the hard times. Successful entrepreneurs and enterprises are super laser-focused on providing a […]

live on purpose

3 Quick Tips for Using the Wheel of Life Template

The wheel of life template is a popular coaching tool in helping clients see the big picture. The wheel of life exercise is often given so the individual can visually see the satisfaction levels of the different areas of their life. If you have never completed one of these exercises, consider downloading the Wheel of […]

wheel of life template

The Basic Guide of Putting Who You Are Into What You Do

Can you make a living running dogs? Andrea Wellman decided it was possible. Today, Andrea has a full-time business running dogs. What would happen if you decided to put who you truly are into what you do? Too many career professionals spend the majority of their work week being something they are not. Their work […]

put who you are into what you do

4 Questions to Create Work You’ll Love That Won’t Leave You Hungry

Passion vs. Profit – the battle ensues. As I continue to talk with thousands of career professionals and entrepreneurs, I see a major collision happening in the way we approach work. What we once believed to be true about work is beginning to let us all down. The payoff is not what we would have hoped. We […]

how to create work you love