The Only 3 Things Highly Successful People Do

Why Billionaires Don't Use To Do Lists

Did you know most billionaires don’t use to do lists? Instead they focus on three primary areas. These three focus areas make them super productive. In his latest book, The 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management, author Kevin Kruse made an interesting discovery. Out of the seven billionaires he interviewed, none of them […]

The ONLY 3 Things Highly Successful People Do

How to Make One Decision That Solves 1,000 Problems

Free up more of your time by solving recurring issues

Do you mow your own yard? I have a love/hate relationship with yard work. In the past, I’ve hired people to maintain my yard. However, I’m teaching my son how to mow, edge and use the weed eater. It’s a life skill every dad should be teaching their son. We take turns using the lawn […]

How to Make One Decision That Solves a Thousand Other Problems

Your 90 Day Game Plan to Crushing Your Goals this Quarter

A Life-Changing, Business-Altering Goal Setting Plan

Are you happy with your current level of productivity? If not, I want to deliver over to you a life-changing, business-altering plan you can begin using today. The one single factor that has contributed the most to my productivity is the 90-day goal setting process. If you are not accomplishing everything you’d hope to, it comes down […]

90 day goal setting template

The Secret to Getting Ahead According to Mark Twain

Are you frustrated by the lack of progress on your goals and projects? Are you the type of person who doesn’t like to set goals because you secretly think you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment? Mark Twain was one of the most successful authors of his day. When asked how he had been able […]

The MAIN Reason You’ll Fail to Meet Your Goals

What separates the successful from the unsuccessful? Can it be narrowed down to a single reason? If so, what would be that main reason? These are the questions that the National Retail Dry Goods Association wanted to answer with a study of thousands of salesmen. What they discovered was shocking. Almost 50% of salesmen gave […]

The main reason you'll fail to reach your goals

How to Create Focus On-Demand When You Need It Most

Distractions. Delays. Interruptions. Clutter. Confusion. Overwhelm. And it’s not even 10:00 in the morning. If that describes your typical workday, let’s change that. Right out of college, I entered the teaching profession. I was a high school teacher and basketball coach. If you’ve ever been a teacher, then you know the daily struggle of “always […]

how to create focus on demand

How to Immediately Eliminate the Clutter in Your Life

Have you ever started a project at home which led to another project and then another? Before you knew it, you had an endless sea of home projects all going on at once. Why am I telling you all this? Because that’s been my summer. We’ve been involved in doing many, many projects at home […]

how to eliminate the clutter in your life

Stop Trying to Be a More Disciplined Person [Podcast]

There’s a lie out there I want to tackle today, and the lie, the myth is this; that a successful person is a disciplined person, who leads a very disciplined life. Is that true? Many times we get discouraged when: we’re not as disciplined as other people appear to be when we’re not productive from […]

Stop Trying to Live a More Disciplined life

A Simple Guide to Indexing the Kindle Books You Read for Evernote

I received a ton of positive feedback on my recent post A Simple Guide to Indexing the Books You Read for Evernote. I believe in the art of preparing. You never know when your next opportunity might show up. By indexing and capturing the inspiring stories and quotes you read, you’ll be ready for that […]

A simple guide for indexing the kindle books you read for Evernote