A morning prayer for entrepreneurs
A Morning Prayer for Entrepreneurs

The Biggest Secret to Becoming a Successful Achiever

As a Senior in high school, one of our class assignments was to “shadow” someone at their workplace for a day. I’d always admired my Grandfather’s business so I decided to learn from him for a day. He owned a few small hardware stores in rural parts of Indiana. I still remember that day vividly. He taught […]

What Milton Hershey Taught Me About Strategy

Milton Hershey. You can’t say that name without thinking about the chocolate candy bar. But there is a bigger story. While Milton spent hours upon hours perfecting milk chocolate, Henry Hershey (Milton’s dad) had a much different approach to business. Henry was always on the look out for the next big opportunity. While you certainly […]

How to Create Guiding Principles to Design a Life and Work You Love

Back in early 2010, I quickly became overwhelmed. I was figuring out how to earn money blogging while still having a day job. I saw a new opportunity to make money so I went for it. The worse thing happened next. It was a huge success.  I was not prepared for how I was going […]

How to create guiding principles for your life and work

The Minimalist Guide to Starting a Portable Business

It is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the technology available today. As entrepreneurs we can begin to justify why we need the latest software gadget in order to run a successful online business. This past week I was on vacation and only took along the essentials I needed to keep my portable business […]

the minimalist guide to starting a portable business

3 Keys When Opportunity Knocks – Are You Prepared for Opportunity?

I enjoy talking about people who have been successful with a great idea or business. I guess everyone loves a winner, right? Soon after I have described someone’s success I will often hear someone attribute that success to good fortune, luck or being in the right place at the right time. This may seem true […]

prepared for opportunity

5 Reasons to Work on Your Passion Before Sunrise

Last month I surveyed a group of blogging students on the challenges they are facing when it comes to pursuing their passion. While I heard many answers, there was a clear winner that stood out. “I just don’t have the time to pursue my passion or start a business.” Many of them are working full-time […]

work on your passion before sunrise

The Basic Guide of Putting Who You Are Into What You Do

Can you make a living running dogs? Andrea Wellman decided it was possible. Today, Andrea has a full-time business running dogs. What would happen if you decided to put who you truly are into what you do? Too many career professionals spend the majority of their work week being something they are not. Their work […]

put who you are into what you do

5 Amazing Benefits of Mastermind Groups for Entrepreneurs

For years I have heard about of the power of mastermind groups. Yet it wasn’t really until the beginning of this year that I stepped out and did it. If you are a infropreneur, solo-preneur, entrepreneur or free spirit, then you need a mastermind group. About 9 months ago, I had one of those “aha” […]

benefits of forming a mastermind group