5 Principles for Working Less and Living More

How to Avoid the Entrepreneur's Trap

Is there a danger in loving your work too much? It wasn’t unusual for Thomas Edison to work 20 continuous hours during a 24 hour period. Many times, his 4 hours of rest came in the form of a nap on a couch where he worked. There’s even one recorded time period in which Edison worked […]

5 Principles for working less and living more

Why You Need Both Discipline and Freedom to Do Great Work

Those who keep their options open, commit to nothing

If I told you discipline and freedom go together nicely, would you believe me? If not, get ready for a mindset shift today. The truth is if you want to do great work, you are going to need both discipline and freedom. In the bestselling book Business Secrets from the Bible, Rabbi Daniel Lapin talks […]

Why you need both discipline and freedom

The Top 7 Ways I Use Evernote Everyday

How to Finally Start Using Evernote to Stress Less and Do More

Have you downloaded Evernote, but have no idea what to do with it? My hope is for you to change that today. Have you ever stopped to think how much time you waste every week “looking” for things? In a few simple steps you can make Evernote your “external brain” which will allow you to […]

Top Ways I use Evernote Everyday

The MAIN Reason You’ll Fail to Meet Your Goals

What separates the successful from the unsuccessful? Can it be narrowed down to a single reason? If so, what would be that main reason? These are the questions that the National Retail Dry Goods Association wanted to answer with a study of thousands of salesmen. What they discovered was shocking. Almost 50% of salesmen gave […]

The main reason you'll fail to reach your goals

3 Powerful Reasons You Need to Be in a Mastermind Group

In 2010, on this very blog I created an 16-week online course for job seekers. It was my first real attempt at creating passive income beyond Google Adsense. While I had surveyed my audience to understand their needs, I still had many self-limiting doubts on how I was going to pull this off. Some of […]

mastermind group launch

Developing the Art of Slowing Down with Jeff Goins [Podcast]

When’s the last time you slowed down and just enjoyed the moment? Laughing on the front porch swing with friends? Enjoying a home cooked meal and conversation with family around the dinner table? Has your hurried life caused you to miss out on the beauty of an average moment? I recently had the opportunity to […]

the in-between book review jeff goins

The Job Search, Part 3: Building Your Personal Brand Online

In today’s job market, any serious job seeker is leaning hard on the Internet to find a position that’s right for them. But online activity is a two-way street: businesses are increasingly using online searches, social media profiles and personal portfolio sites to gauge the reputation and potential of job candidates. A lot can be […]

8 Funny Drawbacks to Working in a Cubicle [Infographic]

Have you sold your boss on the idea of telecommuting yet? We’d be willing to bet that once you start working from home you’ll begin to miss your trusty old friends: the cubicle walls. Although we’ve listed eight cubicle life drawbacks here, there’s a big upside to working in a cubicle. Where else can you […]

How to Ace an Interview

One of the most dreaded workplace activities among working professionals is the job interview. Very accomplished candidates become nervous and uncertain of themselves during an interview. Today, I want to offer you simple advice that will show you how to ace an interview. I often tell candidates of mine that nothing really significant happens until […]